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100% Compostable PolyMailer

100% Compostable PolyMailer

Try out a sample with our sample pack!

Our 100% Compostable mailers are certified for both Home and Industrial composting. These third-party tests are done by institutions such as the BPI and TUV. They are made from our D42 film, which consists of organic materials like Cassava Root and Cornstarch, along with fully compostable polymers that are both bio-based and fossil-based. As such, they contain no plastic or microplastics. They can also be referred to as biodegradable mailers, however they are compostable as they reach the more stringent requirements for home & industrial composting. The difference between compostable and biodegradable is outlined here. They can be customized starting at a minimum of just 5,000 units. 

Stock Options

10 x 13” Case Size - 1000 Units
12 x 15.5" Case Size - 500 Units
14.5 x 19” Case Size - 500 Units (400 Units - Ocean)
19 x 24" Case Size - 300 Units

Custom Options

Size:  fully custom
Print:  full-bleed, two-sided, 8 color max
Amount of tear strips
Thickness: 30-110μm
Quantity: 5k+

Industry Applications

Apparel, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Bedding, Art Supplies, and more


Vincotte, BPI and TUV Dincerto 

Our 100% Compostable Polymailers are the ultimate eco-friendly and sustainable shipping solution designed for various industries like apparel and cosmetics. Crafted from a unique blend of organic materials and compostable polymers, these mailers exemplify our dedication to preserving the planet. We control all steps of our supply chain and ensure that all cornstarch used in our mailers is sourced from discarded corn that is no longer fit for human consumption. The innovative combination of materials not only ensures outstanding durability but also guarantees complete biodegradability within just 180 days when composted in a home composting bin.

Experience the quality firsthand with our sample kit, especially for high volumes (5,000+)! Opt for our compostable mailers, offering a greener packaging solution that blends sustainability with reliability. These mailers provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and promote sustainability messaging while contributing to a healthier planet. Say goodbye to harmful plastic waste and embrace packaging that aligns with your eco-conscious values.

Like any material, Compostable film has it's pros and cons, while it is home compostable, it also has a shelf life of about 1 year before strength can no longer be guaranteed. Depending on your order volume, you may want to consider a different material, like Kraft paper which does not have a shelf life and is both recyclable and compostable.


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EcoPackables D42 Film

Made from our D42 film, which consists of organic materials like Cassava Root and Cornstarch, along with fully compostable polymers that are both bio-based and fossil-based. Thickness ranges from 30-110μm. Colors can be customized.

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Our current MOQ for customization is 5,000 units. The following features can be customized:

- All-over print on all sides of the packaging

- Sizing and volume

- Thickness and barrier

- Number of adhesives and tear strips

Lead Times

All stock packaging ship same-day from San Diego, California. Domestic shipping is free and carbon-neutral, and takes around 2-5 days depending on shipping destination. International options are available as well. 

For custom orders (5,000 MOQ), current lead times are ~35-55 days. 


Our EcoPackables D-films™ and E-laminates™ adhere to the following standards:

EN 13432, ASTM D6400, AS 4736/AS 5810 and TÜV OK Compost Home. Our products are certified by TÜV Austria, Din Certco, ABA for industrial composting, or certified as home compostable by TÜV Austria and ABA.

GRS 4.0 Certified Recycled Film

High Volume / Bulk

If you’re a business/distributor that currently ships over 2,000 packages a month, we have custom & high-volume manufacturing options available for you. For stock packaging, bulk discounts are also available at the 5,000 unit minimums. Let us know if this is something you’d like to explore!