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EcoPackables PCR reLaminate™ Coffee Pouch

EcoPackables PCR reLaminate™ Coffee Pouch

Our sustainable coffee pouches can be made exactly to your specifications. Even if you're unsure what pouch type you need, inquire below and we will get you on the right track.  Available at an MOQ of 5,000 units, we have a number of different options, each having different moisture barriers. Sizing, print, and features can be fully customized. 

Add ons:
- Tear Notch
- Degassing Valve
- Windows
- Hang Hole for Retail
- Laser/Perforation cut
- Hang Hole for Retail

- Gloss / 
Matte / Spot Matte

These pouches epitomize convenience, freshness, and aesthetic appeal, making them a perfect choice for eco-friendly coffee businesses. Designed with coffee freshness in mind, these pouches feature a one-way degassing valve that preserves the flavor and aroma of your premium coffee beans. Their excellent barrier properties shield the beans from external elements, ensuring an extended shelf life. Perfect for whole beans, ground coffee, or specialty blends, these coffee pouches maintain the utmost quality and taste. Beyond their functional advantages, coffee pouches' sleek appearance and customizable branding enhance shelf appeal, making your products stand out on the market. From premium artisan roasts to sustainably sourced organic blends, these sustainable coffee pouches provide a sophisticated and environmentally responsible packaging solution.

Discover the power of reLaminate, our cutting-edge laminate that embodies modern innovation and sustainability. Made with food-safe, Post-Consumer Recycled PE, reLaminate is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendliness and reducing plastic waste. By utilizing recycled materials, we contribute to the circular economy, giving used plastics a new lease on life. This material is not only recycled and classified as #4 recyclable with other thin film, but also offers a more cost-effective solution with a longer shelf life compared to other material options.

Inquire below to get started!

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EcoPackables E20 Laminate

Home-Compostable laminate available in thicknesthicknesses of 80um. Heat sealable and food-safe grade.

Recycled Kraft Paper

FSC-Certified Post-Consumer Recycled Paper that is printed on with non-toxic inks. Heavily customizable and avaialbe in 90-330gsm.

EcoPackables D42 Film

Semi-Opaque Compostable Film made from a unique blend of Cornstarch and PBAT, a bio-based polymer. Both sides are sealable and printable, with thickness ranging from 30-110μm. Colors can be customized.

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Our current MOQ for customization is 5,000 units. The following features can be customized:

- All-over print on all sides of the packaging

- Sizing and volume

- Thickness and barrier

- Number of adhesives and tear strips

Lead Times

All stock packaging ship same-day from San Diego, California. Domestic shipping is free and carbon-neutral, and takes around 2-5 days depending on shipping destination. International options are available as well. 

For custom orders (5,000 MOQ), current lead times are ~35-55 days. 


Our EcoPackables D-films™ and E-laminates™ adhere to the following standards:

EN 13432, ASTM D6400, AS 4736/AS 5810 and TÜV OK Compost Home. Our products are certified by TÜV Austria, Din Certco, ABA for industrial composting, or certified as home compostable by TÜV Austria and ABA.

GRS 4.0 Certified Recycled Film

High Volume / Bulk

If you’re a business/distributor that currently ships over 2,000 packages a month, we have custom & high-volume manufacturing options available for you. For stock packaging, bulk discounts are also available at the 5,000 unit minimums. Let us know if this is something you’d like to explore!