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All the raw materials used in our packaging products have been vetted for their sustainability and all steps in our supply chain are fully transparent. Tests are run on our raw materials to certify their life-cycle, durability, and carbon footprint— all of which are carefully optimized

All our materials are either




Sustainability Properties

End of Life

Creates an opportunity to be re-used, recycled or composted, helping move towards a functioning circular economy

Home Compostable

Under home composting conditions, the packaging will biodegrade into organic biomass

Industrial Compostable

Under industrial composting conditions, the packaging will biodegrade into organic biomass


Compatible with many widely available municipal recycling programs


Materials that have a lower impact on the environment.

Comp. Adhesives

Sustainable bio-based adhesive pastes designed to be broken down by organic matter

Plastic Free

Doesn't contain any plastic, and doesn't contain petrochemicals or polymerised material


Made from renewable natural resources that regenerate rapidly

Certified Wood

FSC certified recycled paper sourced from responsibly managed forests


Made from renewable sources, not fossil fuels

Recycled Content

Made from a customized blend of 60-100% post-consumer recycled materials, the remainder being pre-consumer materials


Printing techniques and materials that create less waste and leave non-toxic residues

Compostable Inks

Certified compostable solvent based inks


A rotary print method that uses up to 30% less ink than alternative methods

Non-Toxic Inks

Inks derived from vegetable or other natural resources


Reduction in energy required to move materials from factory to customer

Volume Reduction

Reduces the amount of space required for trucking or shipping, lowering emissions

Weight Reduction

Reduces weight during trucking or shipping, lowering carbon footprint