Ted Baker:

Elevating Luxury with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

  • Ted Baker, a prestigious provider of luxury goods, faced a pressing need to align their packaging solutions with the growing environmental consciousness of their consumer base. Traditionally relying on virgin plastic polymailers that lacked distinctive branding and contributed to environmental waste, the brand sought a transformative approach to packaging. This need was further intensified by operational inefficiencies and waste associated with their returns process.

  • The challenges Ted Baker faced were multifaceted, requiring a holistic and innovative packaging solution:

  • 1.

    Transition from environmentally harmful virgin plastic polymailers to a sustainable alternative without compromising the luxury brand experience.

  • 2.

    Address the lack of brand distinctiveness in packaging to enhance consumer engagement.

  • 3.

    Streamline the returns process to reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

  • We worked closely with Ted Baker to develop a bespoke packaging solution that addressed these challenges head-on:

  • 1. Home Compostable D42 Film:

    The cornerstone of our solution was the introduction of our Home Compostable D42 Film. This material not only provided an eco-friendly alternative to virgin plastics, but also maintained the durability and quality expected by luxury consumers.

  • 2. Custom Edge-to-Edge Printing:

    Recognizing the importance of brand presence, we utilized edge-to-edge printing technology to create visually striking polymailers. This allowed Ted Baker to showcase their brand more effectively, enhancing the unboxing experience for their customers.

  • 3. Co-Extruded Interior for Enhanced Finish:

    To counteract the natural transparency of the compostable film and elevate the premium feel of the packaging, we co-extruded the interior of the bag with white. This innovation ensured the polymailer's opacity without compromising its home-compostability, aligning with Ted Baker's sustainability goals.

  • 4. Innovative Returns Solution:

     Addressing the inefficiencies in the returns process, we introduced a second adhesive strip with a perforation tab. This feature allowed for easy, frustration-free returns by enabling customers to reseal and return items in the original packaging. This not only enhanced the customer experience but also significantly reduced the environmental impact by minimizing the use of additional packaging materials.

  • Sustainability

    The transition to Home Compostable D42 Film polymailers marked a significant step towards reducing the brand's environmental footprint and reliance on virgin plastic while optimizing the returns process, aligning with the values of their eco-conscious consumer base.

  • Brand Enhancement

    The custom, edge-to-edge printed polymailers elevated Ted Baker's brand presence, enhancing customer engagement through a more memorable unboxing experience.

  • Operational Efficiency

    The redesigned returns process reduced waste and operational costs, while also improving customer satisfaction by simplifying the returns experience.

  • Our collaboration with Ted Baker exemplifies how luxury brands can embrace sustainability without compromising quality or brand identity. Through innovative materials and thoughtful design, we helped Ted Baker transition to sustainable packaging solutions, enhancing their brand appeal and operational efficiency while contributing positively to the environment.