Tea Drops:

Brewing Sustainability - Tailored E-Commerce Packaging for an Innovative Tea Company

  • Tea Drops, known for its unique selection of teas, sought to revamp its e-commerce packaging to address several key challenges. Their diverse range of tea packets and sizes posed difficulties in rightsizing boxes, leading to inefficiencies in packaging and a less-than-ideal unboxing experience for customers. Moreover, the company aimed to infuse its packaging with the same fun, energetic, and sustainable ethos that its brand embodied.

  • Tea Drop’s primary challenges in packaging redesign included:

  • 1.

    Finding a rightsized packaging solution that could accommodate varying quantities and sizes of tea drops, enhancing flexibility and reducing waste.

  • 2.

    Ensuring the packaging solution was sustainable, aligning with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • 3.

    Creating a packaging design that reflected the brand's fun and energetic identity, while also making a positive impression on customers.

  • We partnered with them to develop a comprehensive, environmentally friendly packaging solution that addressed these challenges head-on:

  • 1. Compostable Zipper Closure Bags:

    We engineered a home compostable zipper closure bag capable of holding five individual tea drops. Made from our innovative D42 film, including the zipper, this solution provided the flexibility the company needed for packaging different quantities and sizes of tea products while ensuring complete compostability.

  • 2. Custom E-Commerce Mailer Box with Dividable Insert:

    To accommodate the compostable pouches in e-commerce shipments, we designed a literature mailer box complemented by a specially engineered insert. This insert was not only perfectly sized to keep each compostable pouch separate but was also dividable, allowing for customizable configurations to suit two or three flavors. This flexibility supported the tea company's need for a solution that could adapt to various product offerings and promotions.

  • 3. Sustainable Materials and Printing:

    The mailer box was constructed from FSC-Certified, post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability. Printed with water-based inks, the packaging was fully curbside recyclable, ensuring that the tea company's environmental ethos was communicated through every aspect of the customer's unboxing experience.

  • Enhanced Sustainability

    By utilizing home compostable materials and curbside recyclable packaging, the tea company significantly reduced its environmental footprint, aligning with its sustainability goals.

  • Customizable Packaging Solution

    The innovative design of the mailer box and dividable insert offered the flexibility needed to efficiently package varying product sizes and combinations, reducing waste and optimizing the unboxing experience.

  • Brand Alignment

    The use of vibrant, water-based inks and sustainably sourced materials ensured that the packaging not only met environmental standards but also vividly conveyed the tea company's fun and energetic brand identity.

  • Conclusion

    EcoPackables' partnership with the Tea Drops exemplifies how thoughtful design and sustainable materials can revolutionize e-commerce packaging. By addressing their specific needs, we delivered a flexible, environmentally friendly packaging solution that enhanced the customer experience and solidified the brand's commitment to sustainability.