Saks off 5th:

Pioneering Sustainable Fulfillment with Automated 100% Recycled Packaging

  • Saks Off 5th, a leading high-volume retailer, sought to enhance their fulfillment process by integrating automation and sustainability. Historically reliant on labor-intensive packaging methods and materials that were not environmentally friendly, such as manual polymailers and virgin plastic, the company aimed for a transformative solution. Recognizing the urgency for change, they partnered with us to develop an innovative solution that aligns with their commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

  • The primary challenge was to replace the existing packaging system with an automated solution without compromising on environmental goals. The objectives were clear:

  • 1.

    Automate the packaging process to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

  • 2.

    Transition to 100% recycled materials to minimize environmental impact.

  • 3.

    Ensure the new system integrates smoothly with existing fulfillment operations.

  • 4.

    Educate and engage customers in recycling efforts, reinforcing Saks Off 5th's commitment to sustainability.

  • After thorough analysis and collaboration, we proposed an innovative packaging solution: the 100% Recycled Autobag Mailer, utilizing our proprietary D38 Film. This film is crafted entirely from recycled materials, representing a significant leap towards sustainable operations.

  • Machine Selection and Optimization

    We evaluated various machine options, focusing on compatibility with Saks Off 5th's operations. The chosen machinery offered the perfect blend of speed, reliability, and environmental friendliness.

  • Trial and Customization

    Initial trials involved several sample rolls to fine-tune core size, bag perforation, and other specifications. Our proactive approach enabled us to identify and rectify issues such as roll tightness and static charge early in the process.

  • Final Product

    The collaboration culminated in a packaging solution that met all specifications – optimal thickness, vibrant print quality, and precise roll tightness. This innovation not only automated Saks Off 5th's packaging process, but also significantly reduced their carbon footprint by saving millions of virgin plastic bags annually.

  • Cost Savings and Sustainability Impact

    This initiative resulted in substantial cost savings through automation and material efficiency. More importantly, it prevented millions of virgin plastic bags from entering landfills each year, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Customer Engagement Through QR-Code Technology

    A distinctive feature of our solution is the integration of QR-Code technology. Each bag is printed with a non-toxic ink QR code that directs customers to the nearest thin-film recycling disposal location. This not only facilitates recycling but also educates customers about sustainable practices, enhancing their engagement with Saks Off 5th's eco-friendly mission.