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2,500 - 5,000 units is the minimum for custom packaging (100 units for boxes). Stock items are available at low quantities.


Is your company seeking to transition to eco-friendly pouches? Look no further, as this comprehensive guide is tailored just for you!

In this guide, we will explore a wide range of sustainable materials, special features, and pouch styles that are currently accessible.

When to use pouches

If you need resealable packaging with low to high barrier qualities, we’ve got you covered. Pouches made from sustainable materials are a game-changer for the packaging industry, especially in sectors with barrier requirements. Our eco-friendly pouches offer advantages such as reduced environmental impact and effective barriers, protecting contents from moisture, oxygen, light, and more. With various customization options, sustainable pouches enhance brand visibility and the customer experience. Their eco-conscious appeal, durability, and superior performance make them an excellent packaging choice across industries. Moreover, starting at minimums as low as 5,000 units, they are accessible to businesses of various sizes.

Our Materials

We offer a variety of material options designed to meet specific sustainability and cost objectives. Depending on the contents of the pouch, we recommend the most suitable material structure and barrier level (Low/Medium/High). Our range includes the Compostable Laminate, reLaminate, and BioLaminate, each constructed with 2 or more layers of materials. For instance, our industrial compostable high barrier pouches are composed of a triplex laminate. This laminate consists of a layer of Kraft paper, a metalized layer of ultra-thin aluminum on PLA, and a compostable sealant called PBAT. This triplex structure provides a sturdy, printable top film with exceptional barrier properties, ensuring the preservation of food freshness. Our pouch materials are available in a range of finishes including matte, gloss, and spot matte, offering diverse options for customization.

EcoPackables Compostable Laminate™ 

We're excited to offer you our range of compostable material options including PLA, PBAT, and PBS, which are all sourced from renewable and sustainable materials. Our compostable pouches come with a matte paper finish and a Kraft outer laminate for that eco-friendly touch. Please note they have a shelf life of one year, less than our other options. These pouches are also not recommended for liquids. For those looking for high barrier packaging, we've got you covered with our compostable pouches featuring a metalized layer of ultra-thin aluminum. This unique combination of renewable materials ensures that you have a sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solution in your hands.

EcoPackables BioLaminate™ 

biolaminate standup pouch recyclable free shipping

Our BioLaminate™  material for pouches offers a sustainable alternative to traditional PE, as it is predominantly derived from Sugar cane Plants instead of petroleum-based plastics. These pouches have an extended shelf life of 2 years, surpassing that of compostable laminates. It is even recyclable with other thin film.

EcoPackables ReLaminate™ 

recycled recyclable stand up Pouch free shipping

Our ReLaminate™  pouch material option is a cutting-edge, contemporary laminate that utilizes food-safe Post-Consumer Recycled PE. This material is not only recycled and classified as #4 recyclable with other thin film, but also offers a more cost-effective solution with a longer shelf life compared to other material options.

pouch styles

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouches are the most popular forms of flexible pouches. These pouches are sealed on the sides and have two seals at the bottom, so the bottom opens up like a pointed oval. The bottom gusset is constructed in several ways, including a plow bottom, doyen style, and k-seal. They are ideal for small and medium volume fillings and are available in a variety of custom sizes.


  • Tear Notch
  • Degassing Valve
  • Windows
  • Hang Hole for Retail
  • Laser/Perforation cut
  • Hang Hole for Retail

Compostable Stand Up Pouch free shipping

Flat Sachet Pouch

Our sustainable flat sachets are made by sealing three sides and leaving a side left for customers to fill and seal. They are the ideal solution for small-volume packaging requirements. Available at an MOQ of 10,000 units, we have a number of different options, each having different moisture barriers. Sizing, print, and features can be fully customized.


  • Tear Notch
  • Hang Hole for Retail
  • Laser/Perforation cut
  • Hang Hole for Retail

compostable flat pouch free shipping

Flat Bottom Pouch

Our sustainable flat-bottom pouches feature a very efficient design with their ability to store more volume due to the full use of their base and side gussets. Despite requiring slightly more material, their flexibility in storage makes them an attractive option.


  • Tear Notch
  • Hang Hole for Retail
  • Laser/Perforation cut
  • Hang Hole for Retail

Coffee Pouch

Our sustainable coffee pouches can be made exactly to your specifications. Even if you're unsure what pouch type you need, inquire below and we will get you on the right track.


  • Tear Notch
  • Degassing Valve
  • Windows
  • Hang Hole for Retail
  • Laser/Perforation cut
  • Hang Hole for Retail

compostable Coffee Pouch free shipping

additional features

Tear Notch

Facilitates easy opening of the pouch by the consumer


Press to close zippers to reseal the bag for repeated use


Suitable for coffee bags, with a compostable option available

Hang Hole

Used to suspend the bag on store hangers

Print Colors

Print up to 8 colors using digital printing (MOQ<5k) flexo (MOQ>5k) and water or soy based inks


Frosted or clear window to show the actual product in the pouch

Metalized Inner

To provide high water vapor and oxygen barrier

Tin Tie

Reseal with a folding metal strip

where to start

If you're interested in sustainable pouches, congratulations! You're taking the first step towards a more eco-friendly and responsible approach to packaging. Now that you know all of your options, let's begin your sustainable mailer packaging journey!

Step one involves understanding your specific Pouch requirements, such as size, thickness and barrier type. Whether you have low to high barrier needs, sustainable pouches can be tailored to meet your demands while minimizing environmental impact.

Once you have identified your needs, the next step is to carefully choose materials that align with your sustainability goals, ensuring eco-friendly and responsible choices. Our range of options guarantee the right fit for your sustainability and financial goals.

Clear instructions on sustainability practices and proper end-of-life disposal can be seamlessly integrated into your pouch artwork, allowing customers to actively participate in environmental conservation. By incorporating this valuable information into your print design, you can not only provide guidance to your customers, but also reinforce your brand's values and identity. This ensures a seamless blend of sustainability messaging and branding elements, fostering a strong connection between your company and its commitment to a greener future.

When it comes to minimum order quantities (MOQ), we offer flexibility with a minimum requirement of 5,000 units per SKU, depending on the size of your desired pouches.With lead times ranging from approximately 45 to 55 days, expedited plans can be arranged to deliver your packaging as quickly as 25 days.

By following these steps, you can embark on your sustainable packaging journey, ensuring that your pouches not only meet your product's needs but also aligns with your commitment to a greener future.