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The company that just shipped you this product made a choice to package sustainably! Please let them know you really appreciate their efforts by posting the packaging you just received on social media!


The polymailer you just received is made from 100% Recycled Plastics (60% Post-Consumer waste, 40% Pre-Consumer waste). Hence, we give plastics a second life by repurposing discarded plastics into a new, beautiful branded package! 

How can your poly mailers be recycled?

Our poly mailers are made with recycled content and are recyclable. They are a #4 plastic which means they can’t be recycled in single stream recycling plants because the flimsy material gets caught up in their sorting equipment. You would recycle these the same way you would recycle grocery bags, typically by taking them to a grocery store that participates in the collecting and recycling of these plastics. Currently, NexTrex offers the most credible directory for thin-film drop-off locations by state. Some curbside recycling programs can accept plastic bags so check with your waste management provider for more information.