Take a Stand Against the Media and Decide What YOU Personally Care About

Take a Stand Against the Media and Decide What YOU Personally Care About


In the past year all sorts of issues have flooded the media ranging from the forest fires to BLM to hate against the Asian American community. This is known as media clutter, where many issues that compete for our attention. With the exception of Covid most of these issues trend for a limited time. Thus, it is the media's job to highlight issues and bring them to the forefront of the mind of consumers whereas it is up to people to decide for themselves which issues they personally care about.

That begs the question: have you stopped to consider which issues are salient to you? Which issues do you truly care about even after the media jumps to another issue?

For us to be active not passive consumers to the media, we need to do our own research and demonstrate commitment to these issues with action.

For us at EcoPackables, we have an enduring commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. Our product aims to fight plastic packaging and we plant a tree for every purchase to combat deforestation. While climate change may not be a hot topic in the news, we encourage you as consumers to continue to take the necessary steps to educate yourself beyond what is trending on the news, take the time to evaluate the issues matters to you, and commit even when the media shifts focus. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Realize that you are control to decide what issues matter to you. The media will feature a host of issues, but as a conscious consumer you need not care about them all. 

2. Educate yourself beyond what is trending on the media. The media can only educate you so much. Just because the media shifts focus does not you have to as well. 

3. Evaluate what issues you care about and commit. There are so many possible issues, but to really achieve impact and a deeper a level of caring and understanding choose a couple that reasonate with you.

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