Navigating Supplement Packaging

Navigating Supplement Packaging

Unveiling the Power of Pouches

When it comes to packaging supplements, the choice of primary packaging sets the tone for product integrity and user experience. Pouches emerge as a popular contender, offering versatility and convenience. Let's delve into the nuances of using pouches as the primary packaging and explore the optimal secondary packaging solutions.

Benefits of Pouches as Primary Packaging

  • Versatility: Pouches accommodate various supplement forms, from powders to capsules, ensuring flexibility in product offerings. Between our material and style options, you’ll be able to customize your unique pouch solution.
  • Lightweight: The thinness of pouch laminates contribute to reduced shipping costs and environmental impact due to their lightweight nature, especially compared to hard plastic bottle or glass.
  • Freshness: Different features and barrier levels, like resealable zippers allow you to customize the pouch for your specific supplement needs.
  • Product Visibility: Windows provide a clear view of your product, enhancing visibility and presentation.

Secondary Packaging Options:

  • Padded Mailers:
    • Ideal for: Single or multiple pouches as well as plastic supplement bottles.
    • Benefits: Lightweight and protective, padded mailers balance cost-effectiveness with product safety during transit.
  • Boxes:
    • Ideal for: Bulk supplement pouches or premium packaging as well as glass supplement bottle.
    • Benefits: Robust and customizable, boxes offer additional branding opportunities and protection for larger quantities.

Crafting a Comprehensive Solution

When it comes to sustainable supplement packaging, our eco-friendly pouches take center stage, offering adaptability to diverse product types. The key lies in aligning primary and secondary packaging to create a seamless and secure journey for supplements from production to the hands of eager consumers.

Selecting the right secondary packaging depends on factors like product quantity, fragility, and brand presentation. For smaller quantities, padded mailers strike a balance between protection and efficiency in both shipping weight and volume, while boxes cater to larger or premium offerings, and are especially well suited when more fragile materials are used, such as glass. 

If you are looking for alternative packing solutions to make your supplement business more sustainable, you’ve found the right place! Custom pouches start at 10,000 units and mailers start at 5,000. We’re here to help if you have any questions!

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