Embracing Amazon's SIPP Initiative with EcoPackables’ Sustainable Packaging

Embracing Amazon's SIPP Initiative with EcoPackables’ Sustainable Packaging

If you're utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), there's an exciting opportunity you shouldn't miss out on: Amazon's Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program. Formerly known as Ships in Own Container (SIOC), this initiative empowers FBA sellers to ship products to customers using their custom-branded packaging, sans any additional materials added by Amazon. The result? A win-win scenario where you provide a superior customer experience, reduce fulfillment costs, and potentially lower your carbon footprint—all while minimizing packaging waste.   

What is Amazon's SIPP Initiative?

The SIPP program is a game-changer for FBA sellers, offering these businesses the chance to ship products in their own custom-branded packaging without any additional materials from Amazon. This initiative includes a multistep process that begins with reviewing and designing your packaging to meet SIPP requirements. Sellers are then encouraged to group similar ASINs, test and evaluate their packaging through physical performance tests, and finally, enroll in the program through Seller Central. It's a comprehensive approach designed to ensure that your packaging meets Amazon's standards for sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Flexible and Rigid Packaging Options

Under the SIPP program, sellers can choose between flexible and rigid packaging options, each with its own set of requirements:

Flexible SIPP Packaging:

  • Flexible exterior such as plastic or paper mailers, including padded mailers
  • Sealed packaging with material at least 2 millimeters thick
  • Right-size packaging with less than 2" of slack
  • Weight less than 7lb
  • Packaging size ranging from 6x4 to 18x14x6 inches
  • Packaging markings and labels must be clear, with potentially sensitive items concealed and discreetly marked
  • Exclusions include dangerous goods, magnets, items with zippers without tamper seals, liquids in pouches, and food intended for human consumption

Rigid SIPP Packaging:

  • Rigid, six-sided packaging such as boxes
  • Packaging size of 6x4x0.375 inches or greater
  • No weight limit
  • All open edges sealed, with no staples used as the primary sealing method
  • Packaging markings and labels must be clear, with potentially sensitive items concealed and discreetly marked
  • Exclusions include dangerous goods and boxes with windows or large cutouts

How Ecopackables can help, each step of the way

Understanding the Multistep Process of SIPP Enrollment

Step 1: Review and Design

In this initial phase, sellers review their current packaging and design custom-branded packaging to meet SIPP requirements. Our experts can provide guidance on packaging design, ensuring it adheres to SIPP guidelines while maximizing sustainability.

Step 2: Group Similar ASINs

Sellers evaluate their ASINs and group similar products based on size, weight, material, and packaging. EcoPackables can assist in identifying eligible ASINs for grouping and certification, streamlining the process for sellers.

Step 3: Test and Evaluate

To qualify for the SIPP program, all packaging must pass physical performance tests. EcoPackables offers guidance for testing, including providing samples before committing to larger orders, ensuring packaging meets SIPP requirements and maintains product integrity during transit.

Step 4: Enroll

The final step is to enroll in the SIPP program through Seller Central. 

At EcoPackables, we specialize in customizing packaging solutions and can help you to meet SIPP requirements while prioritizing sustainability. We offer guidance on packaging design and can even provide testing with samples before you commit to a larger order. We'll work closely with you to ensure your packaging adheres to SIPP guidelines while showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Ready to embrace Amazon's SIPP initiative? Let our experts guide you. Whether you're new to FBA or looking to optimize your existing packaging, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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