Education and Its Role in Sustainability

Education and Its Role in Sustainability

Many claim that education lies at the forefront of most social changes. Oddly, educating individuals on the problems associated with a behavior is fairly ineffective because of inadequate incentives. From elementary schools teaching children to recycle plastic bottles, to backyard food composting, educating sustainable reform is a highly-funded endeavor. Yet, change in these areas often takes too long to realize.

One industry where this is especially prominent is e-commerce packaging. Traditionally a commoditized industry, companies would optimize for one factor: price. With changing consumer sentiment towards irresponsible corporate practices, many e-commerce companies have looked at overhauling their D2C packaging to fit this growing demand. The polymailer that a customer receives when they order a product is likely their first interaction with that company. We all know how far first impressions go, and crafting a strong message with sustainability goes a long way. 

At EcoPackables, we believe in winning this battle against packaging waste by providing the best possible substitute to traditional packaging. This makes the transition easy, safe, and often profitable. A list of products that you can transition from is below:

Apparel Polybags -> Our 100% Compostable Clothing Bags

Plastic Mailers -> Our 100% Compostable (or Recycled) Polymailers

Boxes/Fragile Items -> Our 100% Compostable Padded Mailers

Regular Shipping Labels -> Our 100% Compostable Shipping Labels

If you need other forms of custom eco-friendly packaging, feel free to reach out here and we can get that going!

Education, or lack thereof, isn't the solution to the problem that is global packaging waste. Affordable, durable, and sustainable alternatives are the path to the future.

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