Best Sustainable Packaging Options For Apparel

Best Sustainable Packaging Options For Apparel

When it comes to packaging apparel sustainably, considering various aspects of inner and outer packaging is crucial. At EcoPackables, we understand the importance of using eco-friendly solutions across the entire packaging spectrum, from garment bags to outer mailers.

1. Inner Packaging

Garment bags, also referred to as clothing bags or apparel bags, are essential for protecting individual clothing items. At EcoPackables, our garment bags come in multiple material options, including: compostable, recycled plastic and our unique Ocea paper. All three options do a wonderful job of protecting your apparel inventory during warehousing and shipping.

2. Outer Packaging

Polymailer Solutions

Polymailers, sometimes known as polybags or flexible mailers, offer a versatile outer packaging option. EcoPackables provides recycled polymailers, compostable polymailers, and we can even create reusable polybag solutions with an additional adhesive for returning apparel sustainably. Our newest addition, made from Renewa film, is the Recycled Ocean-Bound plastic mailer which is currently available as a custom product. These material options are also available in autobag roll format, easily integrating into automated packaging systems.

Kraft Paper Options

For a sustainable paper alternative, consider our kraft paper mailers (sometimes referred to as envelopes). These recycled paper-based solutions maintain durability while reducing environmental impact, ensuring secure packaging for your apparel. Not only are they made from recycled content, they are also the easiest to dispose of with curbside recycling.

3. Tailored Protection for Varied Apparel

Most soft apparel items effortlessly fit into flexible mailers or polymailers, requiring minimal protection. However, apparel with delicate components like intricate zippers or embellishments may benefit from padded mailers or protective boxes, ensuring extra safeguarding without compromising sustainability.

4. Sustainable Branding and Design

At EcoPackables, we employ sustainable branding practices, using water-based inks for printing logos or brand information on our eco-friendly packaging. Our minimalist designs and reusable packaging solutions exemplify our commitment to sustainable packaging.

Looking for more information? Check out our guide on apparel packaging here.

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