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Be a Conscious Consumer in the E-commerce Era

I love receiving packages -- don’t you? Most of us are familiar with the mailers lined in bubble wrap. In fact, I am often more enamored with popping the bubble wrap itself than the content of the mailers. But how often do we stop to think about the environmental consequences of those innocuous plastic mailers? Those mailers contribute to a gargantuan problem we are all familiar with: Plastic.

Just to give a quick statistical rundown of the environment toll of plastic:

  • The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year
  • It takes about 450 years just for one plastic bottle to break down in the ground
  • 79% of plastic has ended up in landfills or the environment
  • 700 species of marine animals have been reported to have eaten or become entangled in plastic

The largest market for plastics today is packaging materials, accounting for nearly half of all plastic waste generated globally. However, we as consumers can continue to support and enjoy the convenience of online delivery services, but it is up to us to request sustainable packaging from the brands we support. Better yet, do more than request a change in packaging; recommend EcoPackable mailers.

EcoPackables offers affordable compostable mailers that biodegrade in less than 180 days. Moreover, We plant a tree for every purchase. What a great solution! We fight packaging waste from both ends; eliminating plastic and minimizing the impact of paper packaging on global deforestation. 

 It is up to us to be conscious consumers. To continue to educate ourselves, to hold the companies we support accountable for preserving the environment especially in this e-commerce-driven environment.

Key Takeaways:

 1. Educate ourselves amidst this era of online shopping 

 2. Request companies to switch to sustainable packaging

 3. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and feel good effects about YOUR individual actions that help the environment

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