Looking to add the icing on your sustainable packing cake? EcoPa Labels are the #1 sustainable alternative to traditional packaging labels. As the world increasingly embraces environmentally friendly practices, businesses are seeking innovative ways to minimize their ecological footprint throughout the entire shipping process. With EcoPa Labels, companies can go a step further by incorporating sustainable shipping labels that align with their commitment to sustainability. These labels not only offer the practicality and efficiency of traditional labels, but also contribute to a greener future. In this guide, you’ll discover how EcoPa Labels combine functionality with environmental responsibility.


When to use EcoPa Labels

We're excited to offer you our range of compostable material options including PLA, PBAT, and PBS, which are all sourced from renewable and sustainable materials. Our compostable pouches come with a matte paper finish and a Kraft outer laminate for that eco-friendly touch. Please note they have a shelf life of one year, less than our other options. These pouches are also not recommended for liquids. For those looking for high barrier packaging, we've got you covered with our compostable pouches featuring a metalized layer of ultra-thin aluminum. This unique combination of renewable materials ensures that you have a sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solution in your hands.

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The kraft paper used is made from 100% Recycled Paper and the non-toxic adhesive is safe for composting. Previously, you'd have to peel off shipping labels from compostable mailers before composting them. With EcoPa compostable shipping Labels, that’s no longer the case, making sustainable action a breeze. The release liner is even recyclable!

Long-Lasting Adhesion

 EcoPa Labels offer exceptional adhesion, ensuring that they stay securely attached to packaging throughout the shipping journey. In proper conditions, the adhesive properties of these labels can last up to two years, maintaining their integrity and legibility over an extended period. This durability ensures that important information remains intact, preventing any confusion or mishaps during transit.

BPA & Chlorine Free

EcoPa Labels offer a dual advantage as they are both processed chlorine-free and free from Bisphenol A (BPA). Being processed chlorine-free means that these labels are manufactured without chlorine or chlorine-based compounds, thereby preventing the release of harmful substances like dioxins and chlorinated organic compounds, which can have detrimental effects on the environment and our health. Additionally, their BPA-free composition ensures that businesses can prioritize their customers' well-being and demonstrate a commitment to using safe and sustainable materials

Printer Compatible

These compostable shipping labels are compatible with a wide range of laser and inkjet printers, direct thermal printers, and popular shipping software. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing printing systems, streamlining the packaging process. However, it's important to note that these materials are not compatible with Dymo printers

Materials and features


- 500 Labels per Box
- Easy-tear strip
- Case Pack: 20 Boxes


- 250 Labels per Box
- Easy-tear strip
- Case Pack: 20 Boxes
- Core Size: 1 inch



Our Compostable Shipping Labels, both as rolls or fan-fold, are compatible with many printer types:

Direct Thermal Printers

Thermal transfer label printers use a ribbon to transfer ink onto the label. Like direct thermal printers, they can typically handle rolls of labels, but there are models that support fanfold labels as well.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Direct thermal label printers are commonly used for printing shipping labels. They use heat-sensitive paper and do not require ink or toner. Many direct thermal printers are designed to handle rolls of labels, making them easy to load and use. However, some direct thermal printers also support fanfold labels. These printers can feed fanfold label stacks instead of rolls.

Desktop Printers

Many desktop label printers offer versatile media handling capabilities. Some models have adjustable media guides and sensors, allowing them to accommodate both rolls and fanfold labels.

Industrial Printers

Industrial-grade label printers often have more flexibility in media handling. These printers are commonly used in high-volume shipping operations and can handle various label types, including fanfold labels.