Eco-Friendly Mailers: Matte or glossy

Eco-Friendly Mailers: Matte or glossy

When it comes to eco-friendly mailers, the question of matte or glossy finishes often arises. Let's delve into the characteristics of different materials and how they influence the final look and feel.

Recycled Polymailer

Recycled plastic polymailers vary in their matte or glossy appearance due to the properties of the feedstock resin used. Polymailers made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material tend to have a slightly matte finish compared to virgin plastic alternatives. The exact mix of PCR and post-industrial recycled content will influence the final outcome, but generally results in a subdued, semi-matte appearance. 

Compostable Polymailer

Compostable polymailers typically embrace a matte finish, reflecting the natural texture of compostable materials. This matte quality adds an earthy, organic charm to the packaging, enhancing its eco-friendly appeal. When designing custom compostable polymailer artwork, leveraging the matte finish can create a rustic yet contemporary aesthetic that resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Kraft Mailer

Kraft paper embodies sustainability with its renewable and biodegradable properties, making it a popular choice for eco-friendly packaging. Kraft paper is naturally matte and due to its high absorbency, the ink will be as well, regardless of the ink used. Our Ocea Bag on the other hand, does have a naturally glossier finish than regular paper due to its manufacturing process, but again, its natural high absorbency rate mutes the print a bit. 

So, What’s Better?

Ultimately, the choice between glossy and matte packaging depends on various factors, including your target market, branding strategy, perceived value, and sustainability goals. Conducting market research, understanding consumer preferences, and staying informed about industry trends can help companies make informed decisions about their packaging choices.

Consumer preferences for packaging styles are often influenced by current trends in design and branding. While glossy packaging has been popular for its sleek and reflective appearance, there has been a growing trend towards matte finishes in recent years, driven in part by an increased emphasis on sustainability and minimalism in consumer culture.

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