EcoPackables Sample Kit. 100% Compostable Poly Mailers Sustainable Packaging Biodegradable Shipping Bags. Noissue Tishwish alternative. Wholesale and Bulk Pricing. Custom design. Poly Mailers Plastic Free. Compostable Mailing Bags. Three sizes: 6x10 10x13 14.5x19. Same Day Free Shipping and We Plant A Tree For Every Purchase. Eco-Mailers and Eco Friendly Packaging for ETSY, Poshmark, Depop and other large corporate businesses

EcoPackables Sample Pack

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Want to see what makes our compostable mailers so unique?

Give our sample kit a try! They shipĀ FREE too!

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Ā Each kit includes:Ā 

3 x Apple/Midnight 6x10 MailersĀ 

3 xĀ  Sapphire/Snow 6x10 Mailers

2 x Apple/Midnight 10x13 Mailers

2 xĀ Sapphire/SnowĀ 10x13 Mailers

1 x Apple/Midnight 14.5x19 Mailer

1 x Sapphire/Snow 14.5x19 MailerĀ 

Our ECOPACKABLES 100% Compostable MailerĀ is water-resistant, flexible, stickable,Ā and writable.Ā 

  • A unique smoothĀ and a premium matte finish that willĀ elevate your brand to your client.
  • A Tamper-Proof and SecureĀ Seal.
  • A Double Adhesive that allows the same bag to be used and shipped twice.

Made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers, the Compostable Mailer composts in 6 months (180 days) and is certified for both home and commercial compost.

šŸ’œ SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY šŸ’œ At ECOPACKABLES, we pride ourselves in striving to never use harmful substances in our packaging. Even the bag you receive the mailers in is made of 100% Compostable materials. As e-commerce continues to grow, a transition away from plastic packaging is necessary. As such, we are continuously striving to make eco-friendly packaging more affordable and more accessible to all business owners. For us, it isnā€™t about money, it is about doing whatā€™s right.

šŸŒ±100% COMPOSTABLEšŸŒ± Our mailers are certiļ¬ed by the BPI and TUV Austria; meeting American, European, International and Australian standards ā€“ including certiļ¬cations for home compost. To attain these certiļ¬cations, our mailers must break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost. After degradation, they must leave no harmful residues behind.

Our 100% Compostable Mailers are made fromĀ a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and Corn Starch.Ā Our use ofĀ Corn StarchĀ makes up barely 0.01% of the annual global corn crop, making it an incredibly low-impact resource.